Bio - Our Story

Bluegrass, Gospel, Celtic… music that is full of memories and feelings from long ago, as well as inspiration for today… that describes the music of The Band Jubilee. With seamless family harmonies, and a unique blend of instruments, Jubilee produces a sound that is beautiful and inspiring.

Formed in the living room of their family home in Woodstock, Georgia, The Band Jubilee grew musically and spiritually as they went from the living room to their home church, to local churches, festivals, Scottish Games, until they were traveling from SC to VA, MO to OK, and everywhere in between.

The group has placed notably in numerous competitions, both solo and band categories. They took first place at Loretta Lynn’s Gospel Fest Talent Search, and also brought home first place at the 2018 Bluegrass Band Championship at the GA Fiddler’s Convention.

The Band Jubilee is comprised of half of the Kenny and Candace Buggay family from Woodstock, GA. Judah, 21, was blessed with a love of music from an early age and plays the banjo and guitar with exceptional skill, and takes the lead on many songs with his rich, baritone voice. Twin sisters, Johanna and Georgia, 20, are multi-talented musicians instrumentally and vocally. Johanna plays mandolin with her own distinctive style, born of Scottish influence, and it has been said by some that she’s one of the fastest mandolin players they’ve seen. She also plays fiddle beautifully and has pure, lovely lead and harmony voice. Georgia’s primary instrument is the harp but also plays fiddle. Her skillful, haunting playing has won her numerous awards, and her crystalline, smooth voice brings delight to those who have opportunity to hear her. Though Candace, the mom, grew up playing the piano, she now loves to join her children on the upright bass, providing the band with a steady, heartfelt undertone. She takes the lead on occasion and her warm voice also makes up the timeless, three-part harmony that is so loved by The Band Jubilee's audience.

The Band Jubilee is honored to take the music that the Lord has given them to audiences far and near, and deeply desire that every person that hears their music will be blessed by it, and challenged in the Christian faith.